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Lisboa, Portugal


Splendid Evasion, Lda, with office in Rua do Corvo, 455, 4410-439 Arcozelo VNG, Portugal, tax number 510 695 566 (hereinafter "Splendid Evasion" or “SE”) is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data (hereinafter "data") and, therefore, undertake to process and guarantee the security of such data in accordance with the personal data protection legislation in force, in particular, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) provides information about your rights and is intended to make known how Splendid Evasion processes your personal data.


Any data that you provide to Splendid Evasion shall be understood as obtained, processed and transmitted in strict conformity and in full compliance with the requirements established in the GDPR and legislation in force.



1. Data Controller and Data Protection Officer


According to the GDPR, Splendid Evasion acts as a Data Controller of its data. For any clarification related to this Privacy Policy or the processing of your data, you may contact the Data Protection Officer through:


Splendid Evasion, Lda

Adress: Rua do Corvo, 455, 4410-439 Arcozelo VNG, Portugal




2. Type of personal data, Purposes and Lawfulness of Processing


This policy covers the Splendid Evasion online and offline data collection activities during any interactions you have with us, for example when you visit our website, mobile website or mobile apps (hereinafter “Websites”), fill in an application form, call us or send us an email.

This information may also come from our business partners.


Splendid Evasion collects and processes your data for a number of purposes:

• Reservation or purchase of services

There is a set of data that must necessarily be collected, so that Splendid Evasion can organize and provide the requested service (including the sending of reservation confirmation and travel documents), as well as to manage any claims related to the reservation or purchase of services, such as name, date of birth, identity document data, address, loyalty card number, mobile or telephone number, e- mail, travel preference data, interest data, motive and complaint details, special occasions, and special requests. The lawful basis for the collection of these data is the performance of a contract and the legitimate interest of Splendid Evasion.

In order to obtain a visa, Splendid Evasion may need to collect certain types of data requested by the issuing entities, which are strictly necessary for the issuance, such as: passport data, vaccination bulletin and data related to criminal records for compliance with certain countries of destination. The lawful basis for collecting these data is compliance with a legal obligation.



• Satisfaction surveys

In order to evaluate your level of satisfaction with the services provided, Splendid Evasion can send you quality surveys. Customers are not obliged to respond to these quality surveys, which are intended to gather opinions about the services provided, with the aim of improving / developing them. The basis for the processing of these data is the legitimate interest of Splendid Evasion in continuously improving the quality of its services.

• Management and Administration

The data collected so that Splendid Evasion can fulfil its accounting / fiscal and legal and administrative obligations, typically include its name, address and Tax Identification Number. The lawful basis for the processing of these data is the fulfilment of a legal obligation and the legitimate interest of Splendid Evasion in the management of the relationship with the client.

• Commercial and promotional communications

Splendid Evasion collects data such as your name, telephone or mobile phone number and email address so that you can provide information about services that may be of your interest (for example, marketing communications or campaigns and promotions ), collecting their consent when necessary. At any time, you may object to the processing of your data for these purposes, as stipulated in the paragraph below "Exercise of your Rights". The lawful basis for the processing of such data is the legitimate interest of Splendid Evasion or, upon request, its consent.

• Congress and event organization

in particular for the management of registration / registration of participants, accreditation, management of the respective accommodation and management of spaces, their identification data, namely the name, telephone and e-mail address, where you work / study, user name and password created for the online registration, personal data necessary for billing, namely the Tax Identification Number and address, data on other services requested, namely hotels, transfers and meals. The lawful basis for the collection of these data is the performance of a contract and the legitimate interest of Splendid Evasion.


In order to adequately share and promote the events it organizes, Splendid Evasion may collect photos and videos of speakers and participants for publishing in the media of the events (namely websites, social networks and brochures), as well as photographic and video recordings (image and sound) during the events, which may be published in our media (namely websites, social networks and brochures) as well as in the media of the events (namely websites, social networks and brochures).

The basis for collecting this data is Splendid Evasion's legitimate interest.


• Publications in our media

To share and promote the services provided by Splendid Evasion in our media (namely websites, social networks and brochures):

. We may publish photos and videos taken by Splendid Evasion or shared with us by the client, as long as the client's consent has been obtained.

The basis for collecting this data is consent and the legitimate interest of Splendid Evasion.

. We may also publish any posts (text, image and video) made by clients on our websites and social networks.

The basis for collecting this data is Splendid Evasion's legitimate interest.


3. Sharing Personal Data


Within the scope of your reservation and / or purchase, Splendid Evasion may transfer your data:


I. To service providers (such as airlines, hotels, rent-a-car companies, operators, insurance companies) in order to use them for the purpose of case, the data will only be used for that specific purpose) and for compliance with the legislation of the countries of destination;

II. To government authorities (for instance, immigration, border control, public safety, security and anti-terrorism).


The processing of your personal data may also be done by service providers, who act on behalf of Splendid Evasion, namely marketing and digital and social media agencies, accounting management services, auditors and lawyers, external entities that provide technology services such as computer platform vendors, hosting services, maintenance and assistance of our databases.



4. International Data Transfers


Depending on where you are traveling, Splendid Evasion may need to transfer your data to service providers within or outside the European Union (provided that such transfer is essential for the execution / provision of the service).

Any transfer of personal data to a third country shall only be carried out in the framework of compliance with legal obligations or provided that it is ensured that they comply with the relevant community and national legal rules.


5. Data from Minors


Splendid Evasion does not collect data relating to minors in any direct manner. We assume that all data relating to minors that is provided to us is done so by parents or legal guardians. In respect of these data, the parents or legal guardian may exercise the rights which the GDPR grants to data subjects.


6. Third Party Bookings


A third-party booking is when a family member, friend or any another person (hereinafter the “Third Party”) makes a booking on behalf of another person or persons.

If you are a Third Party, by providing Splendid Evasion with data relating to other persons than yourself, we assume that you have obtained the previous and proper consent from the data holder. In such circumstances, the Third Party shall previously ensure that the data owner has been made aware of the content of this Policy and has given his or her agreement.



7. Storage Period of Personal Data


Your data is kept by Splendid Evasion for the period strictly necessary to meet the above mentioned purposes, except when there are conservation obligations imposed by applicable law or legitimate interest that require the maintenance of your personal data for a longer period.


8. Personal Data Security Measures


Splendid Evasion uses adequate security measures to protect its data, including appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

The data are handled by employees of Splendid Evasion or authorized service providers, accessing only the strictly necessary data, depending on the specific purposes for which the data were collected.



9. Exercise of Your Rights


As Data Subject, you may exercise the following rights, within the limits legally established:

i. Right of access [By submitting an access request, you will be provided with access and details of the personal data processed by Splendid Evasion.]


ii. Right to rectification [If your personal data are incomplete or incorrect, you can request the correction of them.]


iii. Right to be forgotten [In exercising your right to be forgotten, Splendid Evasion will, if applicable, delete your personal data.]


iv. Right to data portability [When requesting the portability of your personal data, you will receive, in an automatic reading format, the personal data you have provided and which are processed on the basis of your consent or the performance of a contract.]


v. Right to object [For reasons related to your particular situation, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by Splendid Evasion based on a legitimate interest or in relation to direct marketing.]


vi. Withdraw consent for treatment [If you withdraw your consent, Splendid Evasion will remove your consent for the activity you specify].

The exercise of these rights depends on a written request (including a copy of a document proving the identity of the client and mention of the right or rights that he wishes to exercise), to be sent by one of the following routes:

Adress: Splendid Evasion, Lda, Rua do Corvo, 455, 4410-439 Arcozelo VNG, Portugal



After submitting the request with the necessary information, Splendid Evasion will respond within one to two months, taking into account the complexity and number of requests.

10. Control Authority


If you believe that there is a problem with the way Splendid Evasion is handling your data, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Comissão Nacional de Protecção de dados - CNPD) at


11. Information about the Use of Cookies


Please refer to our Cookies Policy on our Websites to learn how you can manage your cookie settings and for detailed information about cookies that Splendid Evasion uses, as well as the purposes for which it is used.



12. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Splendid Evasion reserves the right at any time to make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy, these changes being duly updated in our platforms and Websites. Check regularly for any updates or changes to this policy.



Last updated: May 15, 2023

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